SMT Tech partners with Qualtrics to take customer

and employee experience to a whole new level.

With this synergistic partnership, we provide our clients with software that will:


  • Turn their customers into fanatics
  •   Turn their products into obsessions
  • Turn their employees into ambassadors

Together, we’ll turn the brand into a religion!

What is Qualtrics?

Qualtrics is a revolutionary technology company spread across many countries and continents of the world, with one purpose, “To build technology that closes the gap between brand, customers and employees.”


In an era where customer’s experience is more important than anything, the Utah-based company takes customer and employee experience to a different new level. Qualtrics designed a unique technological tool that will help businesses attract and retain more engaged customers and employees while moving the brand to the next level of success. The technology gives brands a competitively smarter and powerful way to manage customers and employees to their advantage while eliminating wasted time and effort and increasing return on investment.

Why this partnership benefits you?

Both the team at SMT and Qualtrics are composed of professional customer experience experts who combine their philosophy, expertise and technology to deliver whatever it takes for you to succeed. With a customer satisfaction obsessed attitude to service, we believe if a customer is upset, we’ve failed. This motivates us to work above and beyond to ensure we learn, unlearn and relearn to ensure we fix every problem.
We’re Qualtrics certified, and our numerous successful projects showcase our competency. Our success stories know no physical boundaries as our technology cuts across many countries and business sectors to bring you reliable solutions. We deliver projects in five different languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and German and our success rate is superb.

Industries we cover






Our Process

Program Planning

We develop Customer experience solutions that are tailored to our clients’ unique brand needs. We leverage our cutting edge technology and wealth of research data to come up with strategic plans loaded with conversion potential.

Program Implementation

We equip our clients with the tools, information and other resources needed to drive their plans to its full potential. We work hand in hand, offering our clients the professional guidance they need to scale through the implementation phase and resolve varied obstacles. We always achieve 100% success in our deployment projects and are always proud to serve as your most valued business partners.

Program Enhancement

We exceed the primary service to accompany our clients through the exciting journey of brand transformation as we effortlessly acquaint you with the latest solutions and ways they can benefit your brand. We help you successfully adopt these solutions for better brand expansion.


With Qualtrics, we turn your brand into a religion!

Qualtrics Solution

Customer Experience Solution That Closes
The Brand Stakeholder Gap

Customers now have high expectations from brands and more control over their decisions when it comes to interacting with brands. Unlike before, customers now expect and demand an empathetic and friendly human interaction that’ll give them an optimal experience. When they don’t get the level of customer experience they expect, customers turn to the next service provider for the experience they desire.

With the industry’s intense competition, you sure don’t want to play a gamble!

Customer experience involves the sum of all the experiences your customer has when interacting with you. This includes not only the typical product awareness, transaction and social contact and customer follow up, but also how personalized and memorable the experience was. With this knowledge, it becomes vital for you to strengthen your customer experience process. You can only achieve this by adopting the most reliable customer experience management solutions that’ll distinguish you from the competition. A functional customer experience management solution will help you bridge the gap between the intended customer experience and the actual customer experience.

What we do

With Qualtrics, our customer experience management solution, you’ll turn your

  • Customers into fanatics
  • Products into obsessions
  • Employees into ambassadors and
  • Brand into a religion
It’s our mission to provide our clients with the world’s best customer management technologies, and we achieve this by partnering with world best technology brands. Our team combines over ten years of practical experience in the industry to transform customer experience projects into customer experience success stories.